5 reasons for a beginner (or anyone else!) to cycle Edinburgh to Kinross

  1. Marvel at the view as you cross the Forth Road Bridge, and don’t forget to have a look back!
  2. Find a hidden quarry / secret rave, used by scuba divers as a training pool and judging by the other paraphernalia, as the site of the occasional party/rave.
  3. Have hope at the love locks*. Love is in the air.
  4. Feel the thigh burn on Fife’s hills.
    Okay so it’s not quite the Tour de France but if you’re coming from the big city for a 30 mile ride, I’m going to guess that you aren’t Chris Hoy. Fife however is much hillier than Edinburgh and you’re likely to see more hardcore cyclists practising their hill sprints on  the way. This is the way to the Cairngorms so if you’re feeling ambititous, do keep going and let us know how you get on!
  5. Cheat a little & get the train back.

    *love/hate relationship with “love locks”. I admit that they are cute, but they are also… vandalism. They put stress on old structures and are expensive to remove. They do however provide a touch of humanity to everyday life. What do you think?

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